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They said I could return to my job….

The primary driving force underlying all actions is emotion. Our emotions have the power to lead us in the wrong direction. Because of this, a person’s total success and happiness depend on their emotional stability and strength. A mentally strong person is able to endure difficult challenges by using them as a chance for growth and development. People that are emotionally powerful share a pattern of traits that are clear in the way they act and go about their daily lives. People who are emotionally stable exude confidence as soon as they enter a room. They don’t continually seek attention since they are aware of their own worth without anyone else’s approval. Things that happen to us in life that are beyond of our control will always happen, but this does not include the individuals we allow into our lives. Individuals with great emotional capacities are aware that the people they associate with reflect their own personalities. Although it can be challenging, letting go of those who drag us down is essential for living a happy life. Keeping a grudge requires too much mental effort. If someone sincerely regrets what they did, forgive them and move on. People that are emotionally resilient don’t hide who they are. They don’t feel the urge to blend in because they are autonomous. Confident people never have self-doubt. They are confident about the future and know what they want. They are unafraid of being harmed and give their entire affection. Even if they are aware that it doesn’t always work out, they nevertheless put themselves out there. They don’t lay in bed dreading what the following day will bring. Instead, they embrace each day as an opportunity for growth and are content to be alive.

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