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They started doing it before 5 years…I lost him

Whatever it means to you, hard times are a normal occurrence in life. Gaining coping mechanisms will enable you to overcome problems more effectively. Perhaps you’re going through a financial hardship. Alternatively, a loved one may be dealing with a medical issue. Perhaps you’re struggling in an unhealthy relationship or you’ve lost your job. Even while you may not have total control over these challenges, you can still choose how they affect your emotions. It’s normal to feel overburdened when going through a difficult period. Emotional suffering or frustration might make you feel as though you will never get better. Just thinking about it has the power to exacerbate and intensify the feelings someone is experiencing. Changing the way you see things You can break free from this mindset by looking at things from a different perspective. Say to yourself what you would say to your closest friend. “I know it feels like this will be forever, and I know logically it’s not,” is an example of a reframing. I have survived difficult situations in the past. I have faith that I will also overcome this. Ignoring our emotions won’t make them go away. They emerge later and in manners that are yet unclear to us. When things get hard, it’s best to own your emotional experience and give yourself permission to feel. Retaining emotions could make things more difficult to handle.

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