They surprised me for my birthday big times

The trick to escaping the bullet is a stunning birthday surprise. You know, the one who turns you become THAT person who organizes the same stuff every year for the same event? Every single year. Yes, keeping annual events fresh can be tough. Especially if you’re preparing a party as a one-person committee. Consider the look on the face of a significant other or closest friend when they receive some unexpected TLC on their wedding day. It’s absolutely feasible to boost typical b-day techniques from drab to fantastic, whether you’re looking for a surprise party for her, a birthday gift for him that will astound everyone, or a modest gesture that will send huge wishes. Put a gift wherever you want it to be—near or far. Go for a walk after tying one end of the ball of yarn to it. Take a stroll around the house, the yard, or wherever the birthday party is being held. When you’ve reached the end of your string (or your ambling limits), tape it to a tiny box or card and include directions to follow the string for a birthday surprise. This is one of the most creative ways to surprise someone with a birthday gift. It’s great for modest gifts (cards/certificates, for example). A tiny gift can be attached to the end of a helium balloon bouquet. Prepare for your recipient to squeal with delight when the box flaps open by gently stuffing the balloons into a larger box and wrapping it. Use enough balloons to have them float up, but not so many that the lucky person is unable to see them.

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