They want me choose between my marriage and them

It doesn’t matter what kind of relationship you are in; problems don’t just go away. It will be easier for you both to accept your differences and let go of lingering hurt if you take steps to reach an understanding with your sibling. Despite the fact that you both grew up in the same family, your relationships with the other members of your family are different. Think about your own opinions and feelings towards your parents, grandparents, and other siblings, and then compare them to your sibling’s opinions and feelings. These emotional disparities may be the root of conflict. Competitive adult behaviours are sometimes the result of insecurities from childhood. Understanding the root of this behaviour may help you better understand the individual’s drive to compete. Your brother has been attempting to outdo you for years. Could it be that he admires your life and your achievements? The sibling rivalry between the two of you can be lessened if you remind him of all he has accomplished. Try implementing these conflict-resolution techniques if you and your sibling can sit down and discuss certain issues in order to make the scenario go more smoothly. Start the process of a potential resolution. If you live far away, call your sibling and propose a virtual or in-person encounter.

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