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Do you want to amuse your friends? Prank phone calls are a thing of the past; prank texting is now the norm. If you can’t see your pals in person, sending them a hilarious text is a terrific way to make everyone laugh. You can play pranks on your friends with the texting pranks we’ve listed below and become the prankster you’ve always wanted to be. You can register for texting lists for a ton of comedians, celebrities, and even protests online. Enter your friend’s phone number on the sign-up sheet, then wait for them to tell you about all the obnoxious messages they’ve been receiving. Try googling for “Comedy text list” or “Celebrity texting sign up” to locate a text list to join. Before you tell your friend about your plan, try to wait until they’ve complained to you about all the spam they’ve been receiving. When a friend texts you, wait before asking, “Who is this?” Keep the hoax going by texting “Hm, do I know you?” when they reveal who it is. After exchanging a few texts, you can tell them the joke. Choose a song you enjoy, such as Adele’s “Hello” or Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now.” Then, SMS your pal the song’s lyrics, line by line. After a verse, if they still don’t get it, you can explain that it was a joke. To begin, you would text, “Tonight I’m going to have myself a very good time,” if you were using “Don’t Stop Me Now.” Continue the song after your friend responds. “I sense life. And I’ll turn the entire world inside out. Stating “Hello” would need you to introduce yourself by saying, “Hello, it’s me.” I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet, so once your friend replied, send them a message.

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