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Things to avoid to keep your man forever

It’s one thing to fall in love with someone, but it’s quite another to keep them in love with you. Relationships are fun and amazing, but they require work and care to keep the spark alive. If you truly love a man, you most likely want to keep him in love with you as well. This shows him that he is still on your thoughts. Before he leaves for work, leave a love note in his messenger bag, backpack, or lunch box. Even if there is no specific occasion, get him flowers or a good box of chocolates. Go all out and buy him concert tickets to watch his favorite band. These surprises show him how much you adore and value him. Both are extremely vital in keeping a man madly in love with you. You can also surprise him with kind gestures or favors. Make sure the flat you share is immaculate when he arrives home from work. Get up early and prepare a home-cooked breakfast for him. For your next date night, try out a new restaurant. Take a day excursion to somewhere you’ve never been before. Make new memories rather than replaying old ones. It will make your relationship feel new and exciting again, which will deepen your love and remind you both why you fell in love with each other in the first place. You can even attempt to master new talents together. Take a cooking class together or train for a marathon even if you’ve never run one before. It will add new experiences to your lives as a couple.

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