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Things Women Want from men

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The UAE and Ethiopia like strong proportional relations, with long-standing business and chronicled ties. These relations have been supported further actually with extended exchanges and monetary joint effort, especially between the drives of the two countries.

The visit of the Ethiopian Prime Minister follows the continuous presentation by The Seem Al Hastily of the UAE Consortium for Africa, one more movement with a hypothesis of USD 500 million (AED 1.84 billion) that will assist with fulfilling the vision of a ‘turbocharged’ and related new Africa, driven by its adolescence.

The consortium is a long stretch maker of human resources in the central area, with two brief necessities: digitization and youth. It will change the UAE Government and its private portion’s vow to Africa, joining longing for progress and resources to assist it with aiding improvement and hypothesis, adding to an optimistic new future vision for Africa.

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