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Things you did not know about Selam

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The new PM exonerating solicitation to Ethiopians to assist his get-together forceful warlords’ unspeakable bad behavior of and with an assurance to join Ethiopians for better events to come made him a holy person among ordinary Ethiopians, straightforward among political pioneers, and a treat among TPLF warlords and proxies that control the political, social and judicious strategies for Ethiopia — vowing to cause more destroy if their infringement is furthermore uncovered or held back from doing more infringement to protect the state of affairs.

Therefore, it isn’t inadvertently TPLF warlords are continuing like intoxicated sailors to excuse being exonerated for their past infringement and the PM’s call for Ethiopians fortitude. Taking everything into account, when an imagined philosophical gathering’s actual announcement and presence depended upon ethnic disunity and bad behavior against the people of Ethiopia, no huge shock why ‘party’ directors carrying on like the world wrapped up.

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