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This boy shock everyone as he is turn into a tree

A little boy described his terrifying personal experience of being carried around the village owing to his skin disease.
During an interview with Afrimax, the youngster revealed that he was born with the disease and that it has been difficult for him to do things since people always judge him negatively.
He stated that his mother had died and that his father didn’t care about him, so he had to move in with his brother, who also suffered from the same skin condition. This 1960s sci-fi short story was written by a woman. During the beginning of flood season, a missionary persuades a roly-poly young boy to forgo a coming of age ritual in which the teenagers (all roly-poly and lively) are hung from gnarled trees with rocks. They’ve all grown into slender, low-energy grownups. One of the boys is persuaded by the missionary to forego the ritual. Bending over, grabbing his ankles, the child morphs into one of the gnarled trees. I believe the story’s title involves the word “suffering.”

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