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This elderly couple moves using bicycle only

As a young woman hurried to hug an elderly woman who was walking unsteadily towards her amid the lush green of a coffee estate, it was a tearjerker sight. Anjali, 31, and her mother Chaitra were absent from a planned reunion in the Mudigere taluk of Chikkamagaluru district on Tuesday. The story begins with the separation of Anjali, Chaitra, and Kalimuttu’s sixth child 22 years ago. The couple moved from Tamil Nadu to Mudigere, Karnataka, to work on a coffee farm. Chaitra recalls the tragic events around the turn of the century, claiming that Keralan timber merchants used to visit Mudigere at the time. To distribute the timber planks, several of them brought elephants and mahouts. “A mahout’s family stayed near the estate where we worked, and the children from both families played together.” Anjali vanished without a trace one day. I searched the entire home for her, but she was nowhere to be found. She was thought to be staying with the mahout’s family.” “However, there was no way we could find her,” Chaitra remarked.” Because she was destitute, she did not make a police report. When she was nine years old, Anjali traveled to Kerala with the mahout’s family and worked as a domestic maid for several years before marrying Nellamani Saji, a small-time artist. She told Mr. Saji about her relatives when they married, and he made contact with Mudigere residents. I was able to reach Monu, a Mudigere social worker, with the help of friends in Kozhikode. Thanks to the help of his Mudigere estate owner pals, Ms. Chaitra was found a few days ago. He then approached her and questioned about her daughter’s whereabouts.

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