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This is how you know he is just wasting your time

Up until now, your family and closest friends have been the most significant individuals in your life. You want to introduce him to those significant individuals now that he is in your life. You want him to get to know your family, but he constantly finds a way to get out of it. There should be a future for both of you, not just one. He’s clearly not in it for the long haul like you are if he keeps talking about a future without you or one that includes you but simply as an afterthought. He is unsure about what he wants out of life as well as which candy bar he wants to buy at the store. He seldom fully considers things before making a decision and constantly changes his mind. particularly when they include you. You see that he hasn’t really shared much about his life with you when you look at him. Even though you’ve had wonderful chats, they have never gone beyond the surface. You are unaware of what is really there. Sometimes you feel that what he wants always comes before what you want to do. It might not be meant to be if he isn’t prioritizing and putting you first in his life. You frequently run out of things to talk while you are with someone. Talking used to be so simple, but now it’s so challenging. It should be simple to talk to someone you care about. You desire to be a part of his life, including that of his loved ones and close friends. He keeps guiding you away from them, though, and spending time with you and you alone. You two are the center of a relationship at first, but soon it will encompass loved ones as well.

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