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This is how you know if he truly love you

Have you ever questioned whether he loves you? You are not by yourself. In addition to the fact that I have personally wondered about this in a number of relationships over the years, my research reveals that thousands of others do the same every single month. I broke up with a man I previously loved after learning that he had sex with one of my close friends (former). The straw that broke the camel’s back was having sex with my friend after continually disrespecting what we had. Oh my God, the number of late nights I had. I scooped up the last of my dignity and turned to go without turning around. He wasted my time in addition to breaking my heart, which I couldn’t believe. After a few months, dating would seem challenging. I was nervous and mistrusted the other sex. I always felt depressed whenever I formed any kind of friendship with a guy because I knew it wouldn’t last. I’m now a little too afraid to be in love. After a year, I met a man. I didn’t have any expectations of him because I had given up on the other sex. Since I had genuine trust concerns, I wasn’t going to put too much into the friendship. He persisted and kept calling me to hang out. Since I kept running into him, I genuinely believed he was entertaining to spend out with. I became aware that I was beginning to feel something for him six months later. He was unaware that I had fallen in love with him even though we both knew we liked one other.

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