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This is what happened in Ataye

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The full video of the overwhelming annihilation of the city of Attaye and how the occupants persevered through those shocking hours? Nearby specialists affirmed that the aggressors unleashed destruction around there and that gigantic human and material harm came about. Kids and ladies are among the people in question. An authority number of individuals executed and injured in the assault, and assessment of the property harm is yet to be given.

A huge number of individuals are apparently dislodged from a few towns that went under assault in zones that are generally quiet. Notwithstanding, there are worries that the assault could proceed with additional north to target urban communities like Kombolcha and Dessie. Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC) addressed Tadesse Gerbretsadik, who is head of North Shoa organization, on Saturday. He said the assault has been broad and exceptional.

Ataye town is completely annihilated. A jail office in the town was assaulted and indicted hoodlums were liberated. Besides, Tadesse Gebretsadik said the zone-level organization assembled security powers (generally local army) to react to the assault, which was extended to a few towns around there, however the assaulting Oromo extremist powers overwhelmed nearby powers. Ethiopian Defense Forces and Federal Police powers were sent to certain pieces of the area, yet they were purportedly unfit to oppose the aggressors who are supposed to be Oromo Liberation Front (OLF – Shane).

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