This is what happened to us the day our baby was born

Knowing that you should develop a close relationship with your son is one thing, but actually doing it and realising how to go about it is quite another. As it happens, there are numerous strategies to develop a close relationship with your kid, so before choosing one, weigh your alternatives carefully. Or, more to the point, feel free to experiment with different possibilities to determine which are more fun for you and your kid as a pair. It’s important to keep in mind that the act of discovery is itself a very powerful way to strengthen relationships. Many of the most effective ways to form bonds involve either a common objective or some level of competition. Because of this, you might want to consider participating in team sports. When you play sports together, you actively ignite their competitive edge in a healthy way, which is crucial for them to feel more like a man in the future. Consider the sport you believe they will enjoy, and then give it a try. Feel free to try out a variety of sports for this reason as well. This is a really powerful bonding technique that you shouldn’t ignore. Along with sports, creating or building things together is another popular way for fathers and sons to connect. There are many things you may create together, but whatever it is, you’ll discover that it really does change how you feel about one another.

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