This is why he is pulling away from you

You might experience the most wonderful relationship one day, and the next you might feel like your man is merely a complete stranger.
The problem of the man abruptly withdrawing emotionally and pulling back affects many women (and men) in relationships with men at least once in most relationships. The solutions might not be what you expect. Continue reading to find out what you can do to stop the person you like from drifting away from you and why they might be doing so. There are several ways to distance yourself from someone. Some people might experience it as a little bit distant. Perhaps you’ve been dating this person for some time, and you feel “distant” from them. They are brief with you, it seems strange every time you are together, and so on. Others may experience a man pulling away in the beginning of a relationship, particularly if the man lacks emotional receptivity. You typically get ghosted at this point. That implies that they completely stop interacting with you. When a guy backs off, he might stop responding as quickly, abandon plans, or simply stop talking to you. Whatever the cause, you may be left perplexed about what’s happening. Are they occupied? There are many reasons for pulling away. You may feel great one day and then find yourself lost the next. They may be merely attempting to get away from you, or perhaps you are overreacting to it. However, the real query is, “Why do they do it?” Here are 18 typical explanations for why a man might be drifting away from you.

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