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This man says he is the tallest person in Ethiopia and weighs 125kg

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Our height is a basic biological truth that you have no control over, yet it can be having an unnoticed impact on your future. BBC Future examined the research to determine how it impacted a variety of factors, including your sexual attractiveness, financial situation, and life expectancy. Power and money go hand in hand. Abraham Lincoln, who is only 3 inches (8 cm) taller than the typical American, would be dwarfed by Barack Obama at 6 feet 4 inches (193 cm). A recent study found that the correlation between height and vote totals is real.
Aside from the presidential election, taller men and women are more likely to be chosen for more demanding careers and to make more money because they are seen as more powerful, healthy, and clever. It’s likely that we connect height with “greatness” and “dominance,” two crucial qualities of a leader. Height serves as a more general indicator of your upbringing because it represents childhood nutrition, which may have an impact on your schooling and performance in the future. Of course, not everyone who excels is a giant in men’s eyes (Winston Churchill and Martin Luther King exuded charisma despite being on the short side). On the other hand, taller persons might have the advantage based merely on first impressions. Tall, hulking males are more alluring. Numerous studies have found that people tend to think that taller people are more attractive.

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