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This week’s wedding ceremony of famous Ethiopian

Ethiopia is not a well-known country. It is a culturally rich country in East Africa. Weddings are significant events in people’s life in this region of the world. They are, nonetheless, crucial in any corner of the world. So, what’s the distinction?
For starters, a real Ethiopian cultural wedding is a three-day affair. Each incident has its own significance. In Ethiopian wedding culture, several practices are observed, including the kissing of elders’ knees, which is unheard of anyplace else. The bride is given a new name at the end of the celebration. We’re not talking about her new surname; rather, her mother offers her a new name that will be remembered by everyone as a result of her wedding. It is extremely rare for two Westerners to have an Ethiopian wedding due to many ancient ceremonies and customs, as well as the fact that it is a three-day affair. If you are dating an Ethiopian man or woman, though, you can always have an Ethiopian wedding.
You could opt out of the typical portions that involve more parties, such as the two extra days and, of course, the knee kissing. You and your fiancé might still wear Ethiopian bridal clothing, complete with braids and tattoos, consume Ethiopian traditional foods and beverages, feed each other, and perform Ethiopian dances.
All you need is for someone to take care of these details for you. You can have an Ethiopian wedding with the appropriate phone calls and thorough planning.

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