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This woman has lived in water for 20 years

A weird tale that you may not have heard of previously involves an Indian woman who, in order to heal her joint pain 20 years ago, wanted to live underwater. Her villagers labeled her a “mad and witchcraft” woman, but medical research has a different opinion. According to the account, “Batorani Hosh” lived in the Bardman region of western India and had a typical life among the other residents of her hamlet. She was forced to stay in bed due to a chronic joint ailment, and when doctors were unable to help her, she made the spontaneous decision to visit a lake close to her home. The Indian woman found that the water helped her suffering, so she made the decision to stay in the lake until she died. Because she did not eat much—her only meal was a plate of rice twice a month—the villagers thought she was a “madman and a witch” and labeled her as such.
Since Baturani has been doing this for 20 years, many people have visited the lake to explore it and learn about its mysteries. She spends 12 to 14 hours a day in the water and only leaves to go to bed. According to a Brazilian study published in 2018 about what happens to the body when it spends long periods of time in the water, exercising in moderately warm water helps to reduce joint discomfort after 8 weeks to 3 months and enhances physical function. According to a different study, spending a lot of time in the water creases the fingers and toes and causes the neural system to react in ways that make it easier to grasp objects.

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