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This woman married her new best friend

Love is frequently supposed to be blind, but a Brazilian woman has given it a whole new interpretation. According to The Mirror, the woman married her handcrafted rag doll after falling in love with it and now they had a child together. Meirivone Rocha Moraes, age 37, fell head over heels for the doll, Marcelo, the moment her mother showed it to her. She created the doll because Moraes frequently griped about not having a dance partner. “I didn’t have a forró dancer, so that’s why. Despite attending these dances, I wasn’t always able to locate a companion, said Moraes. However, after Marcelo entered Moraes’ life, he became into much more than just a dance partner. Moraes quickly connected with the doll and made the decision to get married. She now says that Marcelo is the man she has always desired and that her marriage to him is blissful. Moraes, who is madly in love with her husband, claimed he never gets into arguments or fights with her but always understands. “Marcelo is a wonderful and devoted husband. He is a man like that, and all ladies envious,” she said. There were about 250 guests present for the wedding of the couple. When reflecting on the event, Moraes remarked, “From the beginning to the end, it was just magnificent. Afterward, I went to the wedding night with my husband Marcelo, and we had a great time.”

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