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Tigabu Mekonnen was found guilty

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Waletsa said that the naval force is working with the ground powers and the airforce too. “Our status makes any individual who arrangements on attacking Ethiopia reconsider,” he said, further clarifying that Ethiopia has coordinated and assembled air, ground, naval force, and other security powers to guarantee the nation’s security.

He additionally demonstrated that the military is distracted with alleviating the security emergency brought about by the country’s foes notwithstanding its standard obligations of getting the boundaries. “Our foes are utilizing our inside holes to assault us as opposed to confronting us forthright.” he said, adding, “However the current status of the military is all that could possibly be needed to overcome our adversaries.”

The representative administrator of the naval force noticed that the military is liberated from political unions in its plan and that it is satisfying its duty of shielding the country’s sway in a similar way. He said that individuals from the aviation based armed forces are furnished with morals and trend setting innovation. The naval force is additionally enlisting individuals and giving well-informed and viable preparing as per Waletsa.

Waletsa communicated hopefulness about the limit of the naval force and consoled that the naval force is prepared to work together with different powers to battle off ‘adversaries who are compromising the country.’

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