Tigist and her friends lost on a game

Acting becomes entirely democratic in these circumstances. When action is called, you both realize that letting go of that is necessary for the scene to succeed, even if Meryl Streep is standing across from you and earning millions for the picture you have two days on at equity minimum. You two are equals. That doesn’t refer to your characters, who should act in accordance with the script’s instructions, but rather to the fact that in order for the scene to succeed, both of you need to set aside your egos and accept the script’s reality. Meryl has left. You both understand that it will take everything you’ve got for it to succeed. I have had the pleasure of working with some of the best actors. When you collaborate to tell the story, it is better. Although an actor’s lifestyle might occasionally become conceited, egotistical, and shallow, acting is still a communal craft. Even a monologue performs best when it is freely shared with an audience. At the conclusion of the previous year, I appeared in a movie as a member of a basketball team. As we were ready for our last game, we were filming an emotional sequence, and I briefly spoke with the lead actor. He was quite kind to me as we photographed the action from several angles. We both wanted to make it a positive experience for ourselves as much as the movie. In the subsequent group huddle, each of the five of us offered a word of support to the other players. As we all sank into the realism of the sight, the collective feeling in that group was indelible. Together, we traveled somewhere. There is a reason why performers who work on plays and movies frequently become such close friends. These life-changing experiences are shared with others, and they strengthen your bonds. Moments when emotions are secure and vulnerability is acknowledged. We all yearn for that sensation of transcending with someone. It’s the reason that drinking with friends is so fun. It explains why music in a band is almost always more enjoyable than solo music and why sex can be so lovely. As corny as it sounds, you are better off together, which is why I enjoy acting.

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