Tigist cried with Tesfaye Sima’s acting

The key to effective communication is to listen as well as speak. People are inspired by leaders who clearly communicate their goals and motivations. Great role models are aware that they must communicate their message and business strategy consistently and repeatedly until everyone is on board.
Be considerate and respectful of others. Despite the fact that you may be ambitious, successful, and intelligent, how you choose to treat others says a lot about you. Everyone can tell if you are assuming the best about others, not expressing gratitude, or putting others before yourself. Be well-rounded and knowledgeable. Excellent role models aren’t just “teachers,” either. They push themselves to step outside of their comfort zones, are lifelong learners, and hang out with smarter people. Team members will learn to stretch themselves in order to succeed when they see that their role model is capable of being many different things. Be humble and willing to accept your mistakes. Nobody is flawless. When you make a poor choice, be transparent with those who are watching and learning from you about your error and your plan to fix it. You will show a frequently ignored aspect of being a role model by saying you’re sorry, accepting responsibility, and changing your course. Do good deeds outside of work. People who perform the work while also making time for worthwhile endeavors outside of work—such as donating money to charities, saving lives, and providing aid to those in need—are given extra credit. A strong commitment to the company is implied by a commitment to a worthwhile cause.

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