Tigist was prank by comedian Aman

It goes without saying that many practical jokes are cruel and that many more waste perfectly good office supplies. However, there are still a few jokes that are entertaining even for those outside the “epic prank” community. Is April Fool’s Day approaching? perhaps a coworker’s birthday? Are you merely itching to play a few practical jokes this week? (Why?) Then think about pulling one of these low-effort, high-reward pranks, which don’t involve any spilled liquids at all. The best part is that for a more personalized pranking experience, we’ve separated them into “Harmless Pranks” and “More Serious Pranks.” Consider pulling a harmless prank on someone if you’re pranking them for the first time. Go for a more serious prank if you’re playing a joke on someone who has a little more experience or maybe an enemy who isn’t aware they are your enemy. Simply add their email address to a silly mailing list or newsletter of your choice. There aren’t any deer, just to be clear on that one. However, missing out on seeing deer is not a huge disappointment, which raises the “harmless prank” factor in this situation. Here’s an example tailored to roommates: conceal their toothpaste and socks while claiming to have hidden their comb. Tell the truth whenever you can! You can register for texting lists for a ton of comedians, celebrities, and even protests online. Enter your friend’s phone number on the sign-up sheet, then wait for them to tell you about all the obnoxious messages they’ve been receiving. Try searching for “Comedy text list” or “Celebrity texting sign up” to find a text list to join. Before you tell your friend about your plan, try to wait until they’ve complained to you about all the spam they’ve been receiving.

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