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Tilahun Gesesse’s wife, Mrs. Roman Bezu on Seifu show

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One individual advised me to take off from my home following 26 years, he said the house is mine – Mrs. Roman Bezu. Meeting with Tilahun Gesesse’s significant other, Mrs. Roman Bezu on Seifu On EBS. Tilahun Gessesse (27 September 1940 – 19 April 2009). Tilahun Gessesse was brought into the world as Daandanaa Ayyaano Guddata to Getee Gurmu and Ayyaano Guddata on 27 September 1940 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. His folks later isolated hence Gessesse and his mom moved to Waliso, Oromia area where he was raised.

At the point when his mom remarried Gessesse Nigusse, Gessesse was purified through water and utilized his submersed name “Tilahun” and his stepfather’s last name. As time passed by, his premium in music turned out to be progressively clear, in spite of the fact that his granddad encouraged him to focus on his scholastic examinations. The Ras Gobena School head Shedad (who was from Sudan), empowered Tilahun’s advantage in music and encouraged him to go to Sudan to seek after his music vocation. Despite the fact that Tilahun didn’t go to Sudan, he accepted Shedad’s recommendation truly.

At the point when Weyzero Negatwa Kelkai, Eyoel Yohanes, and different craftsmen from the Hager Fikir Theater went to his school to perform, Tilahun made a move to examine his advantage in music with Eyoel. He was advised to go to Addis Ababa assuming he needed to seek after a vocation in the field.

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