Tinsae experiencing the traditional mediation of his uncle

Ethiopian weddings or marriages begin when the groom chooses his bride or when the parents quietly arrange to marry their children without the children’s knowledge. Once they’ve decided on a topic, the man’s parents must determine whether or not they are related by blood. They must also determine whether or not they wish to interact with the family. Fortune, religion, and clan are frequently used as criterion. The Shemagles, or elders, are then summoned and dispatched to the women’s family to ask their daughter to bear their child.

The party begins once the elders have agreed, which normally happens based on their persuasive ability (the more well-known they are, the easier the request will be granted). They gather for a family gathering. They throw a wedding bash. Before the marriage, the children may not have spoken to each other. If everything goes according to plan, the pair may meet for the first time at the wedding.

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