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To my son’s father I don’t expects you to do anything

Many of us consider the significance of keeping our word to a friend, spouse, relative, or even an employer when we consider what it means to maintain a promise. Keeping our word frequently gives us a chance to show off various values we cherish, such as dependability, trustworthiness, flexibility, honesty, or just that we care. In order to set ourselves up for success in keeping our word, promises also demand us to carefully examine our time, obligations, and constraints. Anyone who has experienced having a promise broken knows how frustrating or disappointing it can be when a commitment is not kept. Trust is firmly supported by faith in someone or something’s dependability, truth, aptitude, or strength. Similar to that, it also refers to having faith in someone or something. Every time we maintain a promise to ourselves, we demonstrate to ourselves that we are reliable, that we keep our word, and that we can depend on ourselves to meet our promises. Seeing the effect that keeping promises has on our general sense of self-worth allows us to recognise that we can rely on ourselves to keep our word. Be careful not to put external expectations ahead of internal expectations: So frequently, we feel pressure to fulfil an obligation we have to ourselves in order to satisfy an external demand.

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