Tobiya frash adash poetic jazz night part 35

You experience a good feeling after helping someone else. The person you helped feels good too because of what you did. You develop a strong sense of connection and belonging as a result of this. People are more likely to feel safe and content in places where kindness and generosity are valued. The inverse is also accurate. Communities with low levels of interdependence have fewer social ties. Helping others makes you feel good, which affects how you view yourself. According to research, people who give, especially to strangers, feel better about themselves. Giving money, volunteering for a cause, or performing random acts of kindness are all examples of helping. Good health is influenced by numerous factors. Helping others could also be important. A team of researchers from the University of British Columbia gave some money to a group of hypertensive individuals. The other half of the participants were instructed to spend the money on someone else, while the other half was instructed to spend it on themselves. The people who had given money to others had significantly lower blood pressure than the people who had used the money for themselves a few weeks later. Helping others can extend your life and be beneficial to your health. In a 2003 study, older adults were divided into those who provided social support and those who received it. Giving social support increased a person’s likelihood of remaining alive at the end of the study period after five years. Even after researchers took into account variables like marital status, mental health, and physical health, this remained the case.

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