“Tonde left the interview…” with Tigist on Sekela

Change the language of a friend’s or coworker’s tech settings. Change all the settings on their Facebook, phone, or computer to Latin, Spanish, German, or anything else they don’t speak. Change a few terms that frequently autocorrect in Word or Outlook. The incorrect words are automatically entered when your friend types something. You may even alter your friend’s phone’s autocorrect settings in this way so that whenever they try to text, the results are really bizarre or humorous. Pen ends should be painted with transparent nail polish. Do this to your family members or coworkers. No one will be able to write anything since the ink won’t be able to pass through. Make believe that raisins are chocolate chips. Bring a sizable batch of raisins into the office and claim they are chocolate chip cookies. As they take a bite, see how everyone becomes really irate. Add some pepper to it to give it a little kick. Put vanilla custard in a jar with mayonnaise. Observe someone preparing a sandwich. Or you could grab it and start slurping up the mayo while hanging out with your mates. The computer mouse of a friend or coworker should be covered with tape. They’ll go wild trying to get their mouse to operate because it won’t connect to the screen. If you’re feeling very funny, attach a silly image on the mouse’s underside so that it will be obvious.

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