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TPLF General who broke the marriage of The famous Artist

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The most problematic piece of veneration is the chance it normally requires. Love, in its conclusive and genuine construction, simply exists between ascends to. There can be a sort of charity and respectability towards another who isn’t same, yet never love. This makes it difficult to fathom the God-who-is-love.

It will quickly be said by most that God isn’t our same, and that we can never be His same. What we propose by that can’t avoid being that He can never esteem us, and we can never worship Him. He can be mindful and mining towards us, and we can be adoring and respectful towards Him, be that as it may, we can never value Him as our same.

Against this refusal is the prominent Christian educating (ceaselessly stated in the Orthodox Church) that God’s assumption towards us is to raise us up as counterparts. We say that “God became man, so that man could become God.” Often that enunciation is “fudged.” We quickly add that we don’t suggest that people will become “God” in how He is God. Nonetheless, what the Fathers say is that we will become, by ease, all that God is fundamental. This is to say that we will become what He is because it is His approval to us.

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