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TPLF released a new statement

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The US delivered an articulation concerning Ethiopia. Worldwide associations who are endeavoring to interfering in the inward undertakings of Ethiopia have given over an open letter to the British government through its Embassy in Addis Ababa. The letter portrays a message that asks nations and worldwide associations to quit interfering in the inner undertakings of Ethiopia which is additionally the firm position of Ethiopians the country over. The GERD, the Sovereignty of the country, and the Election were among the primary issues brought up in the letter.

The letter asks the nations to regard Ethiopia’s power, distance from disinformation, empower the continuous change in Ethiopia, and hold delivers the battle against psychological oppression around there. One of the organizers, Abiy Tadele said today, the government office of the UK in Ethiopia got the letter from the individuals from the ‘Amicability for National Glory’ development. Abiy said, “according to the timetable we set, we gave over the letter to the concerned Political Attaché at the consulate and we had a useful gathering during the event”.

The letter is important for the mission being attempted by ‘Congruity for National Glory’ to fight the public authority of the United States, the UK, and the European Union for their outlandish obstruction in the inner undertakings of Ethiopia under the trademark “Hands off Ethiopia!” Efforts have additionally been applied to arrive at the U.S and the European Union through their government offices here, Abiy added. ”We have been attempting to arrive at the US and EU through email and showed our advantage that we need to contact them and have conversations also yet up until this point, we didn’t get any reaction from the two of them,” he noted. Refering to the letter as an open letter, he said “in the event that they are intrigued to converse with us, we could meet according to their timetable. In any case, he added since the message is the message of individuals of Ethiopia, we have sent the letter by means of DHL, and they can likewise get to it online as it is an open letter”.

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