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TPLF’s Action In Amhara Region

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Amnesty International would today be able to affirm that scores, and likely hundreds, of individuals, were wounded or hacked to death in Mai-Kadra (May Cadera) town in the South West Zone of Ethiopia’s Tigray Region the evening of 9 November.

The association’s Crisis Evidence Lab has analyzed and carefully confirmed grisly photos and recordings of bodies tossed across the town or being diverted on cots. It affirmed the pictures were later and utilizing satellite symbolism, geolocated them to Mai-Kadra in western Tigray state (14.071008, 36.564681).

“We have affirmed the slaughter of countless regular folks, who seem to have been day workers not the slightest bit associated with the continuous military hostile. This is an awful misfortune whose genuine degree the truth will surface eventually as correspondence in Tigray stays shut down,” said Deprose Muchena, Amnesty International’s Director for East and Southern Africa.

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