Traditional baby shower of Amleset Muchie

Perhaps you’re going to have a baby soon. Perhaps a someone you know is. Organizing a shower for a friend or family member may have been assigned to you, and you may feel a little out of your element. Don’t worry; we are here to address any queries you might have regarding the custom of hosting baby showers and how to go about doing so. The baby shower is customarily a celebration of the upcoming birth of a new baby. The focus of these celebrations is the expectant mother and the unborn child. The goal of a baby shower is to provide emotional support for the mother while also gathering many of the baby-related items as gifts for the expectant mother. After all, newborns come with a long list of pricey items! Baby showers can range from elaborate gatherings packed with activities and games to much more natural and low-key affairs. It depends on the organizer’s objectives and, ideally, the new mother’s preferences. Only close female friends of the mother were invited to the shower back then, which was customarily held in the early afternoon. Being accompanied by female family and friends is not a brand-new practice; during the American colonial era, women hosted “birthing parties” at the residence of the expectant mother. In these gatherings, women would assemble with the mother when labor started and stay with her, sometimes for days, until labor was finished. These ladies would include a midwife as well as close female family and friends. The women there would laugh about, comfort and uplift the mother, and swap rumors and cooking tips. Supporting the woman through labor and establishing neighborhood bonds were the goals.

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