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try to solve this mathematical problem

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A mathematical problem is one that can be represented, investigated, and solved using mathematical techniques. This can be a practical problem, like computing the orbits of the planets in the solar system, or a more abstract one, like Hilbert’s puzzles. Russell’s Paradox is an example of an issue relating to the nature of mathematics. Intimate “”Real-world” mathematics problems are those involving a specific situation, such as “Adam has five apples and gives John three.” I’m curious as to how many he has left “.. Even if one knows the mathematics required to solve the problem, such questions are frequently more difficult to solve than standard mathematical exercises like “5 3.” In general, the first step in using mathematics to solve a real-world problem is to create a mathematical model of the problem. This necessitates abstraction from the problem’s intricacies, and the modeller must be careful not to lose important aspects in the process of converting the original problem to a mathematical one. The solution must be translated back into the context of the original problem after it has been solved in the domain of mathematics.

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