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Tsedey and Elias heart to heart

Since a young age, Sedey and Elias have been interested with Ethiopian filmmaking. Gondar town sells agricultural items that have been unlawfully stored at low costs. According to the Gondar City Trade and Market Development Department, illegally harvested agricultural commodities are being sold to the general people at low costs. According to the city’s Trade and Market Development Department, 35,000 agricultural items were unlawfully stored in the sub-cities of Arada, Maraki, and Azezo-Tseda alone. The agency, according to sources, is pursuing legal action against corporations. The supplies were distributed to the community at reduced costs through consumer groups, according to the department’s head, Ato Aderajew Alabe. Corporations that illegally stockpile goods and increase prices will face penalties, he said. Marta Goytom, my ex-boyfriend who shared the photo, was interviewed by Seifu on EBS. Thousands of people used to go to the movies, but that is no longer the case. Filming was not feasible due to unforeseen circumstances. Filmmakers’ conventional sources of income have been dwindling. The Ethiopian film industry, which is centered on theater, is reported to be collapsing, thanks in large part to the efforts of the Ethiopian people. Many Ethiopian filmmakers are familiar with Enoch Ayele’s name. Men’s Issue is a film that has been included in films such as Pendulum, Albo, and others. He’d recently wrapped filming for a series of television shows. The proposal did not come to fruition.

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