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UN Security Council meeting around GERD has ended

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The Water Irrigation and Energy Minister Dr. Seleshi Bekele, in Thursday’s gathering, asked the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to urge Egypt and Sudan to adhere to the AU-drove arrangement to look for an answer for the GERD issue. He likewise asked Egypt and Sudan to comprehend that a goal to the Nile issue will not come from the Security Council, rather, he said it can just come from great confidence exchanges under the support of the AU with due care for the prosperity and advancement of one another.

“Not at all like Egypt and Sudan, Ethiopia has no extensive ground-water hold. We likewise don’t have seawater to desalinate. Almost 70% of my nation’s water is in the Nile Basin. Regardless of whether we need to, regardless of whether we attempt, we can’t try not to use the Nile River” he focused.

He added saying: “Ethiopia accepts that an understanding is reachable, given the important political will and the obligation to haggle in compliance with common decency. Seeing previously arrived at various issues. The African Union is seized of the matter and is capably working with our exchange.”

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