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Unexpected information about Getachew Reda

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The current experience between Addis Ababa and Khartoum is, in any case, not exactly equivalent to the past ones for the going with reasons. In the first place, the current clash is going on after Eritrea gained self-governance from Ethiopia and South Sudan obtained independence from Sudan. Therefore, if not administered true to form, the line standoffs among Ethiopia and Sudan may increase to fuse Eritrea and South Sudan, which will have relative burdens for Ethiopia and Sudan independently.

Second, the progression of a contention follows the Ethiopia-Egypt experience over the Nile River, which moved from covered up animosity to plain hostility following the position beginning of the improvement of the HERD over the Blue Nile in 2011. Third, in the current pressing factor, the military, political and monetary pieces of emerging performers, for instance, China, Turkey, UAE, and Saudi Arabia are extending in the Horn of Africa and Northeast Africa regions as at no other time. Thusly, if a full-scale war breaks out, the possibility of causalities is higher than any time in ongoing memory.

Ethiopia and Egypt, which see each other as shared adversaries, look at the political development in Sudan with uncertainty and battle to get Sudan on their side. At no time in history has Sudan not been the point of convergence of gravity of the Ethiopia-Egypt competition. The ills of inside administrative issues and the weak monetary situation in the country made a ready ground for Egypt and Ethiopia to mishandle the weakness of Khartoum for their own political advantage. Particularly Egypt straightforwardly uses its monetary strength, military transcendence, and political prevalence in the Arab world to affect Khartoum and to widen the opening between the last referenced and Addis Ababa.


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