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Unexpected information about TPLF Members

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As per Wazema Radio, People who “went down the desert and passed on” following the TPLF are being paid by the public authority. In the previous Tigray area, which is regulated in the Amhara locale following the conflict, government authorities at all levels clashed. A portion of the specialists being paid by the public authority are dead, have not gotten back to work, and are supposed to be battling in the desert with the renegade TPLF. Ordinary government work was suspended for over two months following the episode of battle in the Tigray locale. Following the arrangement of the break organization of the state, government representatives were called upon to get back to work. Some got back to work, while others followed the TPLF and “went down into the desert.

” During the conflict, the Amhara local government, which had recently controlled a few regions in the Tigray district, started paying compensations to political forerunners in zones under its influence. For the lower standing, the Tigray provincial government was paid by the central government. As indicated by Wazema, South Tigray (presently directed in the Amhara locale), He thought that it was hard to control who was at work and who was. Because of safety concerns, the public authority’s powerlessness to complete stable work has made it hard to control laborers. The state is as yet utilizing the current pay bill.

Alamata City Administration Mayor, Kassa Reda, revealed to Wazema Radio that the national government is paying a similar sum today (early April) similarly that administration workers were paid before the beginning of the conflict. Kassa affirmed to Wazema that nearby pioneers who left the region during the Raya Front conflict and whose whereabouts are obscure as of now are as yet accepting the cash in their financial balance. The civic chairman called attention to that a portion of these pioneers have not yet been captured and are equipped. The city hall leader said he had more than once requested the Federal Ministry from Finance to make changes, however the service had not yet had the option to do as such.

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