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Unexpected Militant and Special Commando war

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The killing of TPLF veterans

While killing the people who fight in the cutting edge is typical, the execution of TPLF veterans like Seoul Meshing, past Minister of Ethiopia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was obviously impelled by scorn and, especially that of Isaias’ reprisal, to humiliate people of Tigray. Getachew sees that “this drives, for what it’s worth all things considered, saw, people of Tigray to be strong and chosen rather than humiliating them.” He epitomizes this.

“As I prompted you, the Eritrean officers are taking. There is one ‘division’ busy with pillaging. They take charcoal broilers. They even take muddled tissues. It is shocking. Exactly when they come, they feel that it would be a walk around the amusement place. However, two units are being destroyed in a lone battle. It is the angry people of Tigray who are doing this. Everyone ought to understand that people of Tigray will not at any point be abused.”


While explaining how the TDF treat and why they for the most part release their POWS, Getachew said, “we don’t have any issue with the individual troopers. Bethan July and co revealed to them TPLF was destroyed, and they thought they were sent on a peacekeeping mission. One of them uncovered to us he had been sent for peacekeeping. He said he had gotten some answers concerning junta lately.”

In what seems to show a deliberate duping of the newbies, “they are made to imagine that they would be looking for a frail beast called junta,” says Getachew, who on and on conveyed sympathy toward “the ones who pass on in mass.”

At whatever point the circumstance permits, “we would kill simply the strategic authorities,” Getachew said. Exactly when the defenseless energetic heroes are held prisoner, they show them and convey them.

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