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Unexpected moment by Oromia Special Forces

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Two years before the butcher, those setbacks were mentioned to leave Tigray in 2019, advance southward, yet the TPLF specialists moved toward people to come out and hold the troopers back from leaving by training women and children to rests in the road. That was then. Today the TPLF partners living abroad are using a comparable technique by laying on key roads[v] (እምበር ተንከባላይ) to get thought of the West.

It is doubtlessly known, among Ethiopians that Mr. Ghebrehiwet has developed such a detestation towards the Amhara “elites”. His disdain for the Amhara seems to transmit from the data on who the Amhara are. They are the establishment of Ethiopia who save her arrangement of encounters and stay against the dreams of devilish wishers like him. In his underlying significant length of composing on his undying love for Isaias Afewerki, he almost raised the president to a sainthood that squashed “pernicious Ethiopia”. A comparable creator has now diminished Isaias Afewerki to the degree of Satan himself, considering the way that Afeworki and Abiy became colleagues, an obstacle to his dream of destruction of Ethiopia. Depleting! Why do I distinguish this is a comparable person who formed 30-page waste in February 2000[vi] to my more than two page open letter to NAACP? You just read the underlying 10 pages of his befuddled sythesis and you’d start yawning and by the 11th page you either get up to set yourself up some coffee or essentially trash the rubbish and progress forward to use your huge time for something else. Essentially forming a tedious article, endeavoring to stretch out the stretchable real factors to discover a spot with one’s bewildered innovative psyche doesn’t make a nice story. As we say, an ounce of truth overweighs tones of fake deceptions.

His latest piece is “The contention in Tigray: Abiy, Isaias, and the Amhara five star”. Any person who doesn’t understand him would endeavor to scrutinize it to check whether there is any substance in what he says. Business as usual! It is genuinely a comparable trivial debilitating depiction. The standard thing “Amhara a-list” pummeling cry, the flavor that, he thinks, could add taste to his revolting sythesis. He doesn’t comprehend that Tigray is one of the regions of Ethiopia, anyway something like a free country. He appreciates them considering the way that the TPLF has been the headache of Ethiopia for seemingly forever. TPLF’s ejection from the scene infers his assumption disappeared into the thin air. What a horrendous circumstance to him!

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