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Unheard facts about artist Selamawit Yohannes

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Five unheard realities about Ethiopian craftsman Selamawit Yohannes. Selamawit Yohannes is an Ethiopian melodic craftsman known for her Tigrinya and Amharic tunes all through Ethiopia and abroad. Selamawit has been associated with music since her adolescent years and has created a few conventional and contemporary works that set her among the best-appraised Ethiopian melodic specialists since 2015.

Selamawit’s profession took a sharp sure turn when she accomplished abrupt global notoriety because of her generally welcomed 2016 single “Sennay”; her fan base expanded significantly and was named the most compelling Ethiopian craftsman for 2017. Selamawit has likewise tried harder and delivered two new single in 2018 named “Hanen” and “Zomawa” with the last breaking her past record her new music video getting 1 million hits in its first week.

Because of her staggering ability, imagination, information, and dominance of genuine Ethiopian rhythms and tunes, Selamawit’s commitment to Ethiopian music are as of now tremendous. It is likewise evident that with difficult work and more openness, she could likewise effectively turn into a significant supporter of world music when all is said in done.

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