Unseen pictures of Amleset and the kids

I recall my mother having this wall with numerous glass shelves filled with various picture frames when I was a child. She frequently added pictures of our family to it. Everywhere you looked, picture frames were everywhere. I always made fun of the fact that my Korean mother fit the stereotype of the “Asian paparazzi,” so it’s strange that now my “real job” is a professional photographer. Ha. However, consider this: I find myself appreciating your family portraits’ careful documentation and presentation more and more every day. You see, when we look at pictures of our families, something happens to us. We become filled with pride and want to display it to others; we time travel and are able to perceive details that have been long forgotten; we are reminded of what is important and how quickly time passes. We value the time we have right now. Like memories and stories, photographs are a part of our legacy. We pass them down while keeping them close. It is a gift to be able to convey a visual of specific moments, facts, people, places, and things to the people we care about so that they can experience even a tiny fraction of the happiness we experience when we think back on those moments. You may have considered taking family portraits over the years, but it just hasn’t happened. You’re overworked. You are not dressed. You should get your hair done. You must reduce your weight. Bringing everyone together is challenging. I’ll tell you right now that making the decision to spend money on family photography matters and is crucial—now more than ever! Your family becomes closer thanks to your family portraits. On your wall, all in one frame. Your family is reminded of their love for one another by it. Your family photos make me happy. They bring on a smile. Additionally, your family photos can be a source of solace and healing during these trying pandemic times.

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