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Untold Stories About Melat Nebiyu

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Workmanship suggests for me ” It’s a strategy for understanding and conveying feelings, thought and contemplations. It is an approach to convey my self in my own specific way”.

Hailu Kifle was brought into the world in 1984 in Dessie and continued onward from AAU, School of creative work and Design in Graphics.

Hailu is working for the Eunoto TVET school Fine Arts Department as an Assistant Lecturer and at present, he is working similarly at AAU as a Part-clock.

Finally, he participated in different execution and social affair Art Exhibitions.

The subject is STAMP my assumption for using the stamp is to respect our arrangement of encounters, what the articulation that the stamps pass on can mean for the individual fulfillment.

(Especially sociopolitical part of current time) I in like manner hope to enable us to address and evaluate the decisions.

To etch my tendency and contemplations using the stamps.

I initiated the stamps from outdated. Recorded, current and individual ones by modifying their construction, size, and shockingly the information they pass on. likewise, I use moreover my novel finger impression.

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