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Update about the incident in Chagni

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United Arab Emirates Diplomatic Academy is giving three days of preparing Ethiopian negotiators working in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at a few levels. The preparation proclaims the unequivocal section at the beginning of a recently settled organization between the two establishments.

Approximately 21 Ethiopian ambassadors in the Foreign Ministry are accepting the virtual preparation coordinated by Anwar Gargash Diplomatic Academy in association with the Ethiopian Foreign Service Training Institute on a subject named “Battling brutality and extremism፣ intercultural awareness፣ global cooperation፣ social tact and youth strengthening”.

The preparation is required to add a force to the endeavors the Ethiopian strategic local area is applying to safeguard the public interests of the country.

In his introductory statements on the event, Ethiopian Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, Suleman Dedefo featured the flourishing connection between the two nations offering thanks to the organization for the preparation.

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