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Update on Addi Arkay, Zalema and Chew ber – Zehabesha

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Zehabesha day by day Ethiopian news on 9 September 2021. Drawn closer by ENA, Haile said, “I used to believe that the global media, including the enormous ones, and furthermore their online media were adjusted.” But “when they report about the things I know, I see that they report them in an unexpected way. At the point when I see such news, I ask what is happening,” Haile added.

He remarked that they are not detailing as a columnist, the commended competitor brought up that “you need to report the things you have seen and pass on the judgment to individuals not simply yourself.” Haile is likewise shocked by the assembles of conferences about Ethiopia’s interior issues at the UNSC like clockwork or somewhere in the vicinity by some Western nations and associations.

He said “we have, obviously, issues in the country at this moment. In any case, the squabble is among siblings.” The eminent competitor further said, “I need to say one thing to the worldwide media or local area. We are confronting loads of issues, however that is chiefly a result of the dam we are building.”

As per him, the world is out of line concerning GERD. Envision what they would have said if the water came from Egypt to Ethiopia. They would positively protect Egypt, he contended. Haile added that there is no country in this world with 60% of its populace without power.

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