Tuesday, August 9, 2022
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Update on today’s polling process

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He offered the comment subsequent to making his choice today in Addis Ababa where he challenges for a seat at the House of People’s Representatives, addressing the resistance Ethiopia Citizens for Social Justice Party. The teacher told writers that this political race is the most obvious opportunity for Ethiopians to build up a real and vote based government.

As indicated by him, the fundamental point of the political race is to achieve a vote based government that would take care of issues in the country. Also, guaranteeing a vote based political decision is the obligation of all.”Unlike the previous five races, this is the main genuine political race. We had no genuine decisions, and I trust this political race would be sound, an impression of the famous will,” Professor Berhanu said. Ethiopians have been making progress toward a long to lead a political decision that empowers them to fabricate a majority rule country, he further reviewed.

Ethiopia Citizens for Social Justice Party has set up a council that follows the interaction of the political decision. Showing some deferral in opening surveying stations, Professor Berhanu said the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia ought to expand the end of stations in the spots that began casting a ballot late.

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