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Urgent message from Dr. Desalegn Chane

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Every day Ethiopian news update on 24 July 2021. General Tsadkan’s unforeseen discourse, and what’s happening with the airforce. The occupants of Adama and Shashemene towns just as West Showa Zone of the district promised their full help to ENDF in an exhibition held in the towns that pulled in a huge number of individuals. The occupants have additionally shown their solidarity in the exhibits by vowing to thwart the 27 years of the ruinous and partitioning strategy of the TPLF fear based oppressor bunch for once and all, the city hall leader added.

Taking note of that the National Defense Force is an image of public power, the demonstrators promised to remain by the side of the ENDF by offering the required help to assist with ensuring the sway and public respectability of Ethiopia. Members of the convention have likewise said that individuals of Tigray are an integral part of the entire of Ethiopia, demonstrating that TPLF psychological militant gathering is the adversary of the country.

They have additionally communicated bliss over the fruitful finishing of the second round filling of GERD and the serene direct of the sixth general political race. Civic chairman of Adama town, Hailu Jelde said during the event that individuals of Ethiopia have been exhibiting their solidarity by communicating preparation to help ENDF.

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