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US Embassy statement about the incident in Wollega, Oromia

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The US Embassy Addis Abeba on its Facebook page said, We unequivocally censure the most recent reports of regular folks killed in Wollega, Oromia on Tuesday, March 30, 2021, and in Metekel, Benishangul on March 31, 2021. Our hearts go out to the groups of the people in question and individuals of Ethiopia for the deficiency of valuable life. We remain with individuals of Ethiopia against these barbarities.

Atakilti Haileselassie: Mainly there are three reasons that constrained me to leave. The first is identified with the between time organization being focused in Mekelle while a position this huge should work all through Tigray. Despite the fact that the endeavors in Mekelle are ones of positive nature that by itself will not take care of Tigray’s issues.

I over and again raised this issue yet the organization didn’t care for this as they simply need to invest their energy here in Mekelle. Dislodged individuals streaming into Mekelle are expanding occasionally contacting very nearly 120,000 individuals up until now and it is as yet expanding. In this manner if works are not done all through the issue can’t be addressed.

The subsequent explanation is regarding General Yohanis Gebremeskel who offered land to a financial backer out of his will. We then again, since it’s our obligation to intercede to stop this, keeping the financial backer from additional work on the land. Yet, the financial backer named Zeru Gebrelibanos opposed referencing that he had been allowed to use the land by General Yohanis, we at that point declared that the General has no position to do as such.

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