Useless items that are sold extremely expensive

Most likely, if you’re looking for anything, it’s out there. Additionally, if you have one to sell, there is undoubtedly a buyer. That is our free market’s reality. “Worth” has lost all meaning in a network of approximately eight billion interconnected individuals. The oddest and most unusual stuff can now instantly move from being worthless to being worth millions. All they require is the appropriate buyer at the proper moment. The same holds true in reverse, as some of the best things quickly turn into the biggest flops. The 10 things on this list are examples of seemingly pointless garbage that sold for utterly absurd sums of money after being discovered by the right buyer at the right time. It’s a little difficult to explain this sale to people who aren’t Beliebers. To give you some background, the Biebs originally became well-known for his equally well-known hairdo, his recognisable feathery, swooping fringe. A few million individuals, including journalists and young girls, went insane when the teen idol decided to shave his head in 2011. Then, when Bieber made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, he gave Ellen a lock of his freshly cut hair in exchange for her auctioning it off for a good cause.

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