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Ustaz Abubeker’ speech

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Here is the thing that Ustaz Abubakar needs to say about the coming Ethiopian political decision. New York-based Tulku Sherdor, chief, Blazing Wisdom Institute, says, “What current intellectual science, speculations, physical science, Buddhist science and the yoga concur with is that all that we at any point experience is our own psyche.

Everything we can by and by encounter is the common showcase or lively articulation of our own personalities. This is actually what we need to acknowledge through training. At the point when we understand that all we experience is the item or aftereffect of our own personalities, it implies that there is a possibility to work capably with that declaration of our own personalities to change or change it.”

Acharya Swami Sitaramananda, Sivananda Yoga, Grass Valley CA, says, “A many individuals practice yoga however they bounce over its establishment, the two principle practices of yama and niyama, which are the remedy by the yogis about the rules and regulations, the limitations and the observances.”


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