Veronica introducing her new friend

It’s rare to find that special someone who shares your values, aspirations, and eccentricities. Sometimes it takes dating several people before you find someone with whom you really click. Longevity isn’t guaranteed when this occurs and you find someone you want to start a relationship with. Even strong bonds in relationships can require conscious effort to uphold. Most likely, you’ve heard that communication is crucial in a relationship. This still holds true whether you’re in a romantic or personal or professional relationship. But talking about things isn’t the only way to communicate. Everyone has a unique way of communicating. Being in a relationship can require you to become more aware of your communication style and how it differs from that of your partner. If you don’t think you both communicate well when emotions are high, you may need to look into other options. Contrary to popular belief, opposites do attract. This may be the case in some scientific fields, but it isn’t always a reliable yardstick for judging relationships. Yes, it can be crucial to maintain your individuality in a committed love affair. What initially drew the two of you together was who you are as individuals. You’ll have differences as a result, but finding a connection point can also be crucial. Spending time together doing something you both like can help your romantic relationship develop into a friendship. Companionship and laughter were among the most valued aspects of being with a partner, per research on older couples in long-term relationships. If you never have a good reason to get together, you might discover that you’re happier when you’re alone.

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